About Us
Thistle Commercial Consultancy

Our company is responsible for providing free and impartial advice for all new and existing businesses. Most company's aren't aware of certain costs involved within their working premises. We at thistle commercial are here to help, our experts can provide a free analysis of your current costs and help identify potential savings.

Negotiating Contracts

The energy and telecoms market can be complicated to both understand and navigate, with over 20 commercial energy suppliers and countless telecoms companies to choose from.

To ensure the best deal for you:

We go to the market and tender your supply
We negotiate with the suppliers to get the most competitive rates to suit your business
We then present it to you in a simple format
We talk through the options, enabling you to make the best decision

Our Aim

Our aim is to become the outsourced utility arm of your business, providing you with a first class service from negotiation to servicing; ensuring excellent rates and account management.

To talk to us over how we can help you, please contact us